Allergy Relief Cleaning

Allergens are a relatively common problem and environmentally factors play a major role. Allergens that are breathed in, often cause a stuffy nose, itchy nose and throat, cough and wheezing.

Common allergens are: pollen, mold, pet dander and dust. These are present in our homes along with various other contaminants but these are the ones that make us feel miserable from time to time.

It is estimated that about 70 million people in the USA suffer from some kind of allergy. THAT is a lot of suffering.

There are some things that you could do to help alleviate these problems:

If you are allergic to DUST MITES, try to keep the humidity in your home on the low side. Dust mites thrive in an environment with high humidity (75%-80%) but if you drop it to about 50% they cannot survive. Also, you should wash your bed sheets and pillow covers with hot water and use a special laundry additive that kills mites.

ANIMAL DANDER can also give you “headaches”,  literally, it is the main cause of pet allergy symptoms. A good vacuum with HEPA filters will help you a lot. Don’t rely too much on air cleaners or ozone generators, these devices are ineffective at best and can pose some dangers to your health.

But, there will come a time when you will need some outside help and that’s when you should call us at Dom’s Cleaning Service to come in and help you. WE can clean you carpets, rugs or upholstery with the most effective of cleaning methods: HOT WATER EXTRACTION, All of the soil, contaminants etc. will be extracted out to our truck and afterward we will apply a potent and natural mixture made of botanical extracts that has received the highest safety rating from the EPA and has no known adverse effects human health or on the environment.

Give us a call, we can help.

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