Buying a rug

Ok, you are on the market to buy a new rug and you are a little confused about what type of rug to get. You see all sorts of rugs: hand knotted, hand tufted, machine tufted, hooked, needlepoint, natural fibers, synthetic and so on and so forth. Not simple, is it?

Well, it is not really that complicated if you take a little time and write down few things that you need to take into considerations to aid you to help you make the right decision and choose the rug that is right for you.

The first and most important thing you will have to start with is the amount of money that you feel and can spend to get the rug you want. That(the money) will dictate what type of rug you will be able to buy. Of course you already know that a hand-knotted rug will be much more expensive than a tufted or hooked or a machine made rug of equal size.

Now that you know what type of rug you are able to afford, you will have to take into consideration the location where you will use your rug. Is it going to be in a foyer, den, dining room, living room or a bedroom? There are rugs that are constructed to withstand lots of traffic nad there are rugs that are a little light in construction (flimsy, if you will) and you, of course, are not going to put down in a heavily used den or family room a flimsy one as a hooked or a needlepoint rug, right? Of course not, you know that it will not last for too long. Instead, a thick 90 lines Chinese, or an Indian or Iranian rug will be a better choice. These rugs have a strong, solid base and can take lots of traffic in everyday usage.

Last but not least is the choice of color(s) and that  is strictly related to the surrounding area(s) where the rug is going to go. It will have to blend in or match with the decor of the room, match with the furniture, paint or wall paper and whatever else there is.

I hope these suggestions of mine help you and make your ordeal a little easier and get you area ready to go out and get your brand new beautiful rug and when the time comes that you will need a good, reliable, local service to care for your valuable possession you know who to call, yep, you guessed, Dom’s Cleaning Service at 631-243-2380.

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