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H20 (Heath, Humidity & Odor)

Yes, with winter finally out of the way (hopefully), we enter that time of the year when temperatures and humidity rise a little or a lot , depends in which part of the country you live, and with warm temperatures and humidity another factor shows up: ODOR.

Now, we know that, after months of having your house or place of work all sealed up trying to keep the cold out, it is inevitable that some kind of odor will make its presence felt once the warm months are here. It could be an odor due to smoking, cooking, just mustiness or the most offensive of all odors: PET ODORS. Here at Dom’s Cleaning we are already starting to get calls about odor problems and Spring has just started , rugs are also starting coming into the shop and they all have a common problem: PET URINE or PET ODOR( body oils).

Odors are caused by bacteria that is produced by organic matter, so,  when urine or body oils are present in your carpet, rugs or upholstery, the warm temperature and higher humidity activate whatever is hiding in the textiles, hence,  the smell. That is especially true with urine.

If you run into this particular situation, do not hesitate to give Dom’s Cleaning Service a call, we are well prepared to counter and solve this sort of problems. Our extensive training has made one of the most knowledgeable and well known  cleaning companies in Long Island, specially when it comes to urine contaminated rugs .

New carpet…what to buy?

So it’s time to replace your 20 +year old worn out carpet and now you are faced with the decision to of what type of carpet you should get.

You see, years ago you would go out to the carpet store and just get yourself some carpeting with the color of your choice and chances were that the carpet was made either of wool or nylon…not anymore. Today it is a little more difficult to make that decision because there are quite a few different fibers on the market: wool, nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, linen, sisal (wood pulp), sea grass and even paper…yes, paper. And if that’s not enough there are also mixed blends of the aforementioned fibers, just to add to the confusion.

I will try to point out the differences between(some) of these fibers so you will be a little more informed will  make an educated choice the next time you go out and buy new carpet.

Wool:  the best by far. It is the most durable of all fibers, it is natural , wears well, comes in quite a few colors but as any natural fibers it will stain easily, so be careful . It is not widely used as it used to be because of the new synthetic fibers but if you are looking for a carpet that it will last a long time and you can afford it, get it, you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Nylon: next to wool is the best and most durable fiber of the synthetic type. The new nylon carpet (type 6.6) wears well, comes in a lot of colors, it is very strong, acid dyed which means it will resist some food coloring spills,resists abrasion.    When you go to buy your nylon carpet ask the salesman to show you “solution dyed” nylon carpet, it is the type of dyeing that resists better to fading and staining. Of course, regular maintenance is a good idea and for that you will give Doms Cleaning Service a call, I’ll guarantee you that you will be delighted. Nylon is my synthetic fiber of choice (but that’s me).

Olefin: very strong fiber, resists fading and staining very well, supposedly resists bleaching (please, don’t try it), it is colorfast, resists rot and mildew(outdoor carpets are made of olefin) but there are some problems with olefin: it is hard to clean, has poor resiliency and attracts soil like crazy. Not my choice.

Polyester: it is also referred to as P.E.T. Long wearing, colorfast, fading and stain resistant like olefin but also, like olefin, doesn’t clean well,  matting and fiber distortion are extra added bonuses with polyester.

These are the fibers that you will encounter the most when you go shopping for a  new carpet and now that you know the differences between them a I hope  it can help you make the right choice.

Dom Agostino