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SS850246should I have my rugs cleaned? This is a question that comes up frequently and the best answer is: it depends.

Yes, it depends on several factors. First and most important factor is where the rugs are located.

Rugs that are at the entrance, in foyers , hallways, den or family rooms, in other words in highly trafficked areas will need more attention (frequent cleaning) than rugsĀ  that are located in bedrooms or other ares where there is not to much traffic.

Number of people living in the house, young children, pets or lots of visitors, these are all factors that will determine the frequency of cleaning of your rugs .

You have also to keep in mind that excessive indoor contaminants (dust and other allergens, smoke , cooking odors, pet dander) settle onto rugs and cause build up that needs to be removed regularly.

This will help prolong the life of one of your most valuable possessions: an oriental rug.

Some of these rugs, with proper care, can reach the age of 100 or more years, which, after all, is what was intended for them when they were made.

Carpet cleaning tips

Here are a few tips on carpet cleaning.exhuastivesmall

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