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How important is a pad for your rug?

From time to time I notice that some customers do not use pads under their expensive rugs.
When I ask if they would like me to get a pad for their rugs, their question is: Why? It,s fine the way it is.
Well, IT IS NOT ! Then, I go ahead end explain to them why it is important to have a good pad under their rugs.
First and foremost is for safety reasons. A good pad will keep the rug in place, no slipping, so you don’t run the risk of falling and break some bones.
Second. A good pad will add many more years of life to yoyr rug. It will slow down considerably wear and tear because of the cushioning that the pad provides.
Third. When you step on a rug that has a good pad under it, you will experience a softer feel.
So, as you can see, there are various reasons to have a pad under your rug.It makes sense and it is a good investment to have one in order to protect your valued investment.
If you are sure of which type of pad is right for your rug, don’t worry, call Long Island Rug Care at 631.243.2380 or 516.408.0052 and we will help you with the right choice. We have many different types of pads to fit your rug.

Pet Urine Decontamination

IMG_20130103_163226[1] IMG_20130103_163322[3]

We all have had this problem, every now and then our furry friends can’t make it out the door in time or they decide that it’s not worth the effort and, inevitably, they will use the rug(s) to relieve themselves.

Now, here at Long Island Rug Care , we have become experts at removing this type of contamination, restoring the rugs to their original state, that means: no urine and no smell. Just take a look at the two pictures and you will see what we are able to do with some of these rugs that are totally saturated. We were told that on this particular rug the dog had only a couple of accidents, but, as you can see, that wasn’t the case, I believe that it was more than a couple of accidents, much, much more.

This type of work it can not be done at your place, of course, unless you wouldn’t mind having the rest of the house flooded with that filthy , smelly water and,yet, we are requested, sometimes, to correct this type of problem on location, in other words, they want us to clean the contaminated rugs in their house, for whatever reason and I know that some cleaners do just that, claiming that the rugs are cleaned and sanitized and that is not true because it is not possible to remove all of that contamination by simply “steam clean” or by whatever other method is used. The rugs have to be taken out to a washing plant where they will be properly taken care of, that means that they have to put in a bath to release all of the contaminants, rinsed, shampooed, rinsed again  and dried, just like we do at Long Island Rug Care.




Removing Unpleasant Pet Odor on Your Area Rug

Area rugs are very popular these days because they can bring a lot of benefits to any home. For one, it can really improve the way any room looks by complementing the mood or theme of the room you place it in. It also gives your home more warmth and comfort which can really make a big difference in the atmosphere or feel of your home.

One trouble with having area rugs though is if you have pets inside your home as well. Pets can really be a big challenge for rug owners as pet odor is a common issue that they face. Your pets can urinate on your rug and immediately make it stink very badly. What good is a beautiful rug if it smells like your pet’s urine which you can notice even before you enter the room?

Getting rid of the nasty pet odors on your area rug is important which is why you should follow the tips below to try and eliminate it. Here is some useful advice on how you can get rid of the pet odor on your area rug.

  • Use a Vinegar-Based Cleaning Solution – Vinegar doesn’t only make your dishes more delicious; it can also be a very useful area rug deodorizer if you know how to utilize it properly. Vinegar can effectively neutralize many kinds of smells and if you use it to create a cleaning solution then you can be successful in using it to deodorize your area rug. All you would need to do is to get one part of white vinegar and combine it with three parts water. Stir the mixture completely and then place it in a spray bottle. Spray the portions of the area rug where the stain is originating from and allow it to set for three minutes. Then, use a wet/dry vac to extract the vinegar-based cleaning solution. Do this repeatedly until the pet odor is completely gone.
  • Steam Cleaning Your Rug – Steam cleaning is a very effective cleaning technique when it comes to dealing with bad pet odors on your area rug. This is because it used high temperature water released at high pressure thus it will be able to reach the deepest parts of the rug where the smell may be coming from. The hot water will also kill and eliminate any bacteria that might be causing the nasty odor. Steam cleaning your area rug is one of the best ways to fight pet odors and surely your rug will become clean and odorless in no time if you try using it.

Cleaning Up Soy Sauce Stains on Your Area Rug

Nobody wants to have a big, dark stain on their beautiful rugs. This can be a very frustrating experience that can drive any rug owner mad. An example of these tough stains is having soy sauce spilled all over your rug. This happens quite often, as a lot of people love to eat all around the house and mishaps may occur that will result in spilling soy sauce on your rug.

Facing this problem can be very hard for any area rug owner. You would need to spend a lot of effort in order to properly get rid of this mess in order to maintain the cleanliness of your rug. But lucky for you, it can be made a little easier if you know the right things to do. Here is a useful guide that you can follow in eliminating the soy sauce stain on your rug.


  • Start things off by using a paper towel or a sponge to absorb the excess soy sauce on your rug. Simply dab the spill with it in order to remove the excess liquid. Do this until you have remove as much of the soy sauce on the rug as you can.
  • Next, you will need to create a cleaning solution which will help in removing the stain. For this, you will need to mix a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and ¾ liters of water. Place this in a contained, preferably a spray bottle, and then use it on the stained portion of the rug.
  • Spray the soy sauce stain on the rug using the cleaning solution you just made. Let the solution soak the stain for about three to five minutes before proceeding and blotting it using a clean white cloth. The cleaning solution will help in breaking down the stain and blotting it will help transfer the stain from the rug and onto the cloth.
  • Continue blotting the affected area until the rug cleaning solution dries up. If there is still some stain on the rug, apply some of the cleaning solution again and repeat the previous step. Repeat this until the entire stain is gone.
  • Lastly, you should try to rinse the part of the rug where the stain was. This is in order to help get rid of any residue that may get left behind. After rinsing it with a cup of water, get some clean rags or a wet/dry vac to dry it up completely.

Tips You Should Remember Before Using a New Carpet Cleaning Solution

Cleaning the carpet is like a never-ending quest. It is very dynamic and you have to constantly adjust to the challenges that you face. One of the common problems that carpet owners encounter is using a carpet cleaning product that just doesn’t get the job done as well as you hope. This is why it is always a good idea to be open to changing your carpet cleaning product if it doesn’t give you the results you need.

But before trying out a new carpet cleaning product on your carpet, it is vital that you really take proper precaution. This is because using a new product does have some potential problems if you don’t do the proper steps before trying it out. Here are some tips that you should remember before you try out a new carpet cleaning solution on your carpet.

  1. Don’t Use it Immediately Without Testing It – This is one of the common mistakes that carpet owners forget. Some homeowners are excited about the new carpet cleaning product that they have purchased and they simply use it on the carpet without testing if it is compatible first. This can be very disastrous as it can cause minor to moderate damage on your carpet, and in extreme situations it can render it really ugly and unsightly. Surely this is not something that you would want happening to your carpet. That is why you should always remember to test out new carpet cleaning products first on a small, inconspicuous part of the carpet to see if it is safe to use. This way, you won’t have to risk damaging your carpet with an incompatible cleaning product.
  2. Consult a Carpet Cleaning Expert or Manufacturer For Any Questions – Another problem that some homeowners have when it comes to trying out new products is that they just proceed in using the product even though they have some questions or doubts about it. This can be a big mistake that your carpet will pay for. It is always advisable that you consult with a carpet cleaning expert or a carpet manufacturer if ever you have any questions or concerns with a new carpet cleaning product. This is especially true if you have carpets which require more specific cleaning methods. A carpet exert will be able to properly accommodate your questions and help you in properly using the cleaning product to help you eliminate the mess on y our carpet. As the saying goes, whenever in doubt, ask.

Items Around the House You Can Use to Clean Your Area Rugs

Cleaning is a vital activity for any area rug owner. Cleaning often involves carpet cleaning products to help get rid of dust, dirt, stains, and marks which make the area rug look dirty and ugly. But unknown to many homeowners, cleaning the rug doesn’t always have to be done using the commercial carpet cleaning products that you buy in stores. It may also be done simply by using stuff which can easily be found inside many homes.

Area rug owners who are having cleaning problems with their rugs don’t actually need to run to the store just to buy a carpet cleaning solution to remedy the situation. You can actually use household items to help you clean up any spill or stain that you might have. Here is a list of some of the common items around the house that you can use to clean your rug.


  • Borax – Borax is another household item that not many people realize can be used to help clean the rug. It is a common ingredient in detergents and serves as an all-around household cleaning solution. Borax is also known as sodium borate and you can purchase it in many stores in your town or city. While borax can be effective in removing many kinds of stains, some area rug fibers may not be compatible with it. To avoid damaging your area rug accidentally, use a small portion of borax first on a tiny and unnoticeable portion of the rug. If it causes discoloration or damage then don’t use it, otherwise you are good to go to utilize this in eliminating your rug cleaning problem. To use Borax in cleaning up spills and stains on your rug, pour some water on the affected area and then apply the borax on it. Allow the area to dry completely and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck it all up. You will notice that the stain will be gone and your rug will be clean and looking like new once again.

Shaving Cream – Shaving cream is often used by guys in the morning to help shave off their facial hair. It provides lubrication in order to ensure that men have a perfect shave. But shaving doesn’t only help you in the bathroom; it can also be very useful in getting out juice stains off of your rug. Juice stains occur quite often and sometimes you may get caught with a juice spill and you don’t have some carpet cleaning solution available. If this happens, simply run to your bathroom and get some shaving cream. To utilize shaving cream, all you need to do is to apply it onto the juice stain. Then use some paper towels to blot the juice stain repeatedly. Continue doing this until the juice stain is completely removed.

Buying a rug

Ok, you are on the market to buy a new rug and you are a little confused about what type of rug to get. You see all sorts of rugs: hand knotted, hand tufted, machine tufted, hooked, needlepoint, natural fibers, synthetic and so on and so forth. Not simple, is it?

Well, it is not really that complicated if you take a little time and write down few things that you need to take into considerations to aid you to help you make the right decision and choose the rug that is right for you.

The first and most important thing you will have to start with is the amount of money that you feel and can spend to get the rug you want. That(the money) will dictate what type of rug you will be able to buy. Of course you already know that a hand-knotted rug will be much more expensive than a tufted or hooked or a machine made rug of equal size.

Now that you know what type of rug you are able to afford, you will have to take into consideration the location where you will use your rug. Is it going to be in a foyer, den, dining room, living room or a bedroom? There are rugs that are constructed to withstand lots of traffic nad there are rugs that are a little light in construction (flimsy, if you will) and you, of course, are not going to put down in a heavily used den or family room a flimsy one as a hooked or a needlepoint rug, right? Of course not, you know that it will not last for too long. Instead, a thick 90 lines Chinese, or an Indian or Iranian rug will be a better choice. These rugs have a strong, solid base and can take lots of traffic in everyday usage.

Last but not least is the choice of color(s) and that  is strictly related to the surrounding area(s) where the rug is going to go. It will have to blend in or match with the decor of the room, match with the furniture, paint or wall paper and whatever else there is.

I hope these suggestions of mine help you and make your ordeal a little easier and get you area ready to go out and get your brand new beautiful rug and when the time comes that you will need a good, reliable, local service to care for your valuable possession you know who to call, yep, you guessed, Dom’s Cleaning Service at 631-243-2380.

DIY Vs.Professional Cleaning

It’s time to clean those beautiful rugs that you laying on your floors and beautify your home and now you are faced with the decision of choosing if you would be better off doing it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company like  Dom’s Cleaning Service.

You could certainly do it, you could go out and rent some kind of machine and get whatever chemical the salesperson  will sell you without any notion of what is involved in cleaning rugs. It would be really smart of you to step back and think of what could possibly go wrong with you cleaning those rugs and the possible consequences.

I know that a lot of folks search the internet for some kind of an answer or an idea hot to tackle the cleaning task but those answers are not always the best for your rugs. I, myself, have checked some of these internet sites (some clients have pointed out to me)  that offer some ” expert” opinions and therefore solutions on how to clean your rugs and how to mix your own homemade cleaners and I have to say that I am horrified at what I’ve been reading.

You see, cleaning rugs is completely different than cleaning wall-to-wall carpet, you are dealing with natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk) which have specific properties and specific problems, you are dealing with specific dyes, different types of rugs with different constructions and so on and so forth. It is not the type of cleaning that it should be tackled by the inexperienced, plain and simple. A lot can go wrong, color run, shrinking, buckling, pile distortion, to mention a few of the problems that you could encounter in rug cleaning.We see this everyday (not all rugs have those problems, thank goodness) and we have the ways and means to deal with these problem when (and if) they arise but you don’t and then what do you do? You’ll have to call a professional anyway to take care of the mess you have caused.

So, in the end, my suggestion is that  you would be better off hiring a professional rug cleaning company like Dom’s Cleaning Service from the beginning, it will save you a lot of time and headaches.  We are trained for this type of work, we will identify your rug (country of origin, if it is a city or tribal rug), then we will choose the best type of cleaning with the safest and most efficient CRI  (Carpet & Rug Institute)  and Woolsafe approved detergents.



Silk or…

…rayon or mercerized cotton? This is the new dilemma that we are facing nowadays with some rugs that are being sold as silk to unwary consumers.

I’m seeing more and more of these rugs coming into the shop and when customers call to have their”silk” rug cleaned my first question is : Are you sure it is silk? They pause for a moment and then their answer is : I bought a silk rug, at least I thought I did, I was told it was silk, why do you ask? Then I ask them to look at the back of the rug for a tag (if there is one) and read to me what type of fiber has been used to manufacture the rug and most of the times they say: oh yes it is silk, actually it says ART silk.

Well, that little word: ART is the problem. Somehow someone has forgotten how to spell the word ARTIFICIAL or maybe it was done on purpose (most likely) and that ‘s exactly what it i s:  ARTIFICIAL SILK. It is not the natural fiber that we have know and used for centuries but it is a synthetic fiber made from polyester or could also be made of a natural fiber, cotton, called Viscose in Europe and Rayon in USA,  chemically processed( mercerized) to give it a high luster and smooth feel just like the real silk.

The problem with these rugs is that they are weak,they fade rapidly,  they do not stand up very well to foot traffic, they discolor fast with a tendency to turn yellow, they do not clean up well, so, they will not last long.

Real silk, after wool, is one of the strongest fibers. Wool will break after approximately 10000 bends, silk will break after 2500 bends and rayon will break after only a mere 75 bends, so you can see how weak this stuff is and you can also realize that your investment in one of these rugs will not yield a good return, in other words this rug will be history much, much sooner than the real thing.

Now that you know the difference about the real silk and the fake one (art or faux) the next time you look at a possible silk rug, make sure you check the label on the back and, also, make sure that that little word (ART) is not printed anywhere, that will save you some headaches.

Moth Infestation

A moth problem has to be the worst thing that could ever happen to a rug. Moth infestation is a very common problem and a very destructive one, if not caught in time and dealt properly it could spell disaster for your rug and an early retirement. It is a serious problem.

In reality the adult moth (the one you see flying all over your house) is not the one that causes the damage, but the larva is. Larvae hide in the foundation of the rugs (usually cotton) and when they hatch are incredibly hungry and they start feeding by attacking the wool part of the rug that it’s not exposed, the knots. They reside in the foundation of the rug because larvae prefer dark, damp and cool areas ( rugs in basements are good candidates for moth infestation) and also, the presence of pet hair, dust and soil will enhance the possibility of a moth problem to occur.

I suugest to all of my clients that own rugs to lift the rug from time to time and check for colored tiny particles that resemble fine sand, those are actually larvae droppings and it is an indicator of an existing problems. You should also check for they cocoons, which are very visible in the back of the rug

Here at Dom’s Cleaning we are able to provide a superior service to deal with this particular problem. We remove the moths with a specialty product, we fully wash the rugs and then we put the rugs in a hot drying room to kill the eggs. When the rugs are fully dried we apply another specialty product that will prevent future infestations.

Please, do not relay on home made remedies like mothballs, naphthalene and such to cure this problem because they will not work, they may repel moths but will not kill the larvae or the eggs, not to mention the potential health problems that they can pose to you, your family and pets.

If you run into this type of situation, please, give us a call, we can certainly help you.