DIY Vs.Professional Cleaning

It’s time to clean those beautiful rugs that you laying on your floors and beautify your home and now you are faced with the decision of choosing if you would be better off doing it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company like  Dom’s Cleaning Service.

You could certainly do it, you could go out and rent some kind of machine and get whatever chemical the salesperson  will sell you without any notion of what is involved in cleaning rugs. It would be really smart of you to step back and think of what could possibly go wrong with you cleaning those rugs and the possible consequences.

I know that a lot of folks search the internet for some kind of an answer or an idea hot to tackle the cleaning task but those answers are not always the best for your rugs. I, myself, have checked some of these internet sites (some clients have pointed out to me)  that offer some ” expert” opinions and therefore solutions on how to clean your rugs and how to mix your own homemade cleaners and I have to say that I am horrified at what I’ve been reading.

You see, cleaning rugs is completely different than cleaning wall-to-wall carpet, you are dealing with natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk) which have specific properties and specific problems, you are dealing with specific dyes, different types of rugs with different constructions and so on and so forth. It is not the type of cleaning that it should be tackled by the inexperienced, plain and simple. A lot can go wrong, color run, shrinking, buckling, pile distortion, to mention a few of the problems that you could encounter in rug cleaning.We see this everyday (not all rugs have those problems, thank goodness) and we have the ways and means to deal with these problem when (and if) they arise but you don’t and then what do you do? You’ll have to call a professional anyway to take care of the mess you have caused.

So, in the end, my suggestion is that  you would be better off hiring a professional rug cleaning company like Dom’s Cleaning Service from the beginning, it will save you a lot of time and headaches.  We are trained for this type of work, we will identify your rug (country of origin, if it is a city or tribal rug), then we will choose the best type of cleaning with the safest and most efficient CRI  (Carpet & Rug Institute)  and Woolsafe approved detergents.



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