Green Cleaning

What is  Green Cleaning?  A simple answer would be: the use of cleaning products that are non toxic and that wouldn’t harm the environment and people’s health, but there is much more to it.

It is not only in the cleaning industry that we have to change the ways things are done but, also, in the food,  cosmetic, apparel, construction industries and many others.

For a long time not much attention has been paid to the use of most chemicals but now we have finally come to realize that we need to educate ourselves and the others about the negative effect of some of these chemicals on our health and the environment. I say that we have educate ourselves for a reason, we use chemicals everyday and we never pause and question ourselves about the safety of those products.

For example, a very commonly used chemical is bleach. Chlorine bleach is a very dangerous and poisonous chemical but yet is widely accepted and its safety is rarely questioned. It kills everything it comes in contact with, it can get us sick (continuous skin absorption can lead to loss of platelets in our blood), it kills aquatic life when it is discharged into water streams and we still keep on using it.

We, at Long Island Rug Care, are committed to the use of organic, bio-based formulated products which are safe for us, our customers and the environment, greatly reducing, or better yet, eliminating the health risks associated with harmful and toxic chemicals.

Dom Agostino

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