How important is a pad for your rug?

From time to time I notice that some customers do not use pads under their expensive rugs.
When I ask if they would like me to get a pad for their rugs, their question is: Why? It,s fine the way it is.
Well, IT IS NOT ! Then, I go ahead end explain to them why it is important to have a good pad under their rugs.
First and foremost is for safety reasons. A good pad will keep the rug in place, no slipping, so you don’t run the risk of falling and break some bones.
Second. A good pad will add many more years of life to yoyr rug. It will slow down considerably wear and tear because of the cushioning that the pad provides.
Third. When you step on a rug that has a good pad under it, you will experience a softer feel.
So, as you can see, there are various reasons to have a pad under your rug.It makes sense and it is a good investment to have one in order to protect your valued investment.
If you are sure of which type of pad is right for your rug, don’t worry, call Long Island Rug Care at 631.243.2380 or 516.408.0052 and we will help you with the right choice. We have many different types of pads to fit your rug.

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