Moth Infestation

A moth problem has to be the worst thing that could ever happen to a rug. Moth infestation is a very common problem and a very destructive one, if not caught in time and dealt properly it could spell disaster for your rug and an early retirement. It is a serious problem.

In reality the adult moth (the one you see flying all over your house) is not the one that causes the damage, but the larva is. Larvae hide in the foundation of the rugs (usually cotton) and when they hatch are incredibly hungry and they start feeding by attacking the wool part of the rug that it’s not exposed, the knots. They reside in the foundation of the rug because larvae prefer dark, damp and cool areas ( rugs in basements are good candidates for moth infestation) and also, the presence of pet hair, dust and soil will enhance the possibility of a moth problem to occur.

I suugest to all of my clients that own rugs to lift the rug from time to time and check for colored tiny particles that resemble fine sand, those are actually larvae droppings and it is an indicator of an existing problems. You should also check for they cocoons, which are very visible in the back of the rug

Here at Dom’s Cleaning we are able to provide a superior service to deal with this particular problem. We remove the moths with a specialty product, we fully wash the rugs and then we put the rugs in a hot drying room to kill the eggs. When the rugs are fully dried we apply another specialty product that will prevent future infestations.

Please, do not relay on home made remedies like mothballs, naphthalene and such to cure this problem because they will not work, they may repel moths but will not kill the larvae or the eggs, not to mention the potential health problems that they can pose to you, your family and pets.

If you run into this type of situation, please, give us a call, we can certainly help you.

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