Pet Urine Decontamination

IMG_20130103_163226[1] IMG_20130103_163322[3]

We all have had this problem, every now and then our furry friends can’t make it out the door in time or they decide that it’s not worth the effort and, inevitably, they will use the rug(s) to relieve themselves.

Now, here at Long Island Rug Care , we have become experts at removing this type of contamination, restoring the rugs to their original state, that means: no urine and no smell. Just take a look at the two pictures and you will see what we are able to do with some of these rugs that are totally saturated. We were told that on this particular rug the dog had only a couple of accidents, but, as you can see, that wasn’t the case, I believe that it was more than a couple of accidents, much, much more.

This type of work it can not be done at your place, of course, unless you wouldn’t mind having the rest of the house flooded with that filthy , smelly water and,yet, we are requested, sometimes, to correct this type of problem on location, in other words, they want us to clean the contaminated rugs in their house, for whatever reason and I know that some cleaners do just that, claiming that the rugs are cleaned and sanitized and that is not true because it is not possible to remove all of that contamination by simply “steam clean” or by whatever other method is used. The rugs have to be taken out to a washing plant where they will be properly taken care of, that means that they have to put in a bath to release all of the contaminants, rinsed, shampooed, rinsed againĀ  and dried, just like we do at Long Island Rug Care.




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