Removing Unpleasant Pet Odor on Your Area Rug

Area rugs are very popular these days because they can bring a lot of benefits to any home. For one, it can really improve the way any room looks by complementing the mood or theme of the room you place it in. It also gives your home more warmth and comfort which can really make a big difference in the atmosphere or feel of your home.

One trouble with having area rugs though is if you have pets inside your home as well. Pets can really be a big challenge for rug owners as pet odor is a common issue that they face. Your pets can urinate on your rug and immediately make it stink very badly. What good is a beautiful rug if it smells like your pet’s urine which you can notice even before you enter the room?

Getting rid of the nasty pet odors on your area rug is important which is why you should follow the tips below to try and eliminate it. Here is some useful advice on how you can get rid of the pet odor on your area rug.

  • Use a Vinegar-Based Cleaning Solution – Vinegar doesn’t only make your dishes more delicious; it can also be a very useful area rug deodorizer if you know how to utilize it properly. Vinegar can effectively neutralize many kinds of smells and if you use it to create a cleaning solution then you can be successful in using it to deodorize your area rug. All you would need to do is to get one part of white vinegar and combine it with three parts water. Stir the mixture completely and then place it in a spray bottle. Spray the portions of the area rug where the stain is originating from and allow it to set for three minutes. Then, use a wet/dry vac to extract the vinegar-based cleaning solution. Do this repeatedly until the pet odor is completely gone.
  • Steam Cleaning Your Rug – Steam cleaning is a very effective cleaning technique when it comes to dealing with bad pet odors on your area rug. This is because it used high temperature water released at high pressure thus it will be able to reach the deepest parts of the rug where the smell may be coming from. The hot water will also kill and eliminate any bacteria that might be causing the nasty odor. Steam cleaning your area rug is one of the best ways to fight pet odors and surely your rug will become clean and odorless in no time if you try using it.

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