Our rug cleaning process goes far beyond what other companies do:

Dry Soil Removal Process BEFORE Cleaning

In fact, even before we begin the cleaning process, we use our exclusive dusting machine that gently vibrates the back of the rug to release all of the sand, dust and whatever else has collected over the years at the bottom of the rug. This process will dislodge and shake lose all the soil that even the strongest vacuum will never be able to remove .Remember how grandma used to spend hours beating the rugs on the fence? Well, this system mimics the same process and it does it faster and better.








After we inspect your rug for possible color migration or structural problems and we have removed all dry soil, we will give your rug a nice and relaxing bath. This will let the remaining soil(s) and other contaminants such as the residues of other cleaning products or residues of pets “accidents” get loose and wash out. This procedure cannot be performed in your home and this is the reason why we do not clean rugs at your place, it wouldn’t be fair to you or the rug. It takes much more than a simpleĀ  spray and rinse ( ie. carpet cleaning), to get a rug properly cleaned.